Is WordPress Good for a Small Business Website?

Reading Time: 5 mins

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, and for good reason.

WordPress is used for many things, including personal blogs and business websites.

But is WordPress the right platform for your small business, or even for big business?

We take a look into what you need to consider when looking into using WordPress for your small business website.

Wordpress logo on a background


Whether you go for a basic theme or a premium option, it can get you started into developing your ideal website while saving some cost.

These themes have already been created with popular options and lay-outs in mind, so your website starts on a good bedrock.


WordPress has one of the largest plug-in pools available, which means if there an issue that needs a solution, someone has likely created a plug-in that you can simply plug-in.

Many of these plug-ins are cost-effective and don’t require too much work to be implemented. However, they are not always the ideal solution.

Content management

As WordPress is one of the most popular options out there, it means that yourself or your staff members are more likely to be familiar with the platform. This takes away the barrier of learning how to use the platform to its full potential.

Of course, most content management systems are user-intuitive and easy-to-use nowadays, but WordPress is so widespread that it is yet another hurdle avoided.

Whether you’re technically-minded or not, you can easily use WordPress and update your website as you wish.


Through plug-ins such as Yoast or All-in-one-SEO, WordPress becomes a great platform for getting your content to rank.

Any business website needs to have SEO in mind from the beginning of the build. With WordPress, it allows you to build-in all the necessary SEO features, as well as manage it on an ongoing basis.

Being able to manage your SEO means more potential customers can find your business online through Google and other search engines, and potentially add to your sales.

Big community

If you come across any issues or problems you need fixing on your WordPress site, the huge community behind WordPress community have probably already come across it and solved it.

es or problems you need fixing on your WordPress site, the huge community behind WordPress community have probably already come across it and solved it.

This solves many headaches that sometimes arise when running or updating a website.

Not only does this serve as free support, but it also means you can find ways to improve your website simply.

Responsive designs

WordPress is an easy route to getting a mobile responsive website that is completely mobile-friendly. Your business website will look great on any device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


WordPress become known for blogs, but it can offer your business a well-designed website and blog.

The blog can be separate from your website but still on WordPress. The process of adding and updating content to your blog is as simple as managing your website.

As is important for the rest of the site, optimising your blog content is simple with numerous plug-ins to ensure you gain the right traffic to your blog.

Things to consider:

Design naivety

While you may think it’s simple to spin up a WordPress site internally to save cost, the lack of an expert-led design can cost you.

At the end of the day, your website is often the first impression someone will have of your brand. While setting up a WordPress website sounds simple, actually designing and developing a website that generates leads and conversions to help grow your business is an art in itself.

Make sure you have the expertise to design a website that portrays your business the way you wish to be seen. As well as gets you to the results you want.


WordPress is the most hacked platform on the web.

Make sure you have security at the forefront of your mind when setting it up. Or get someone involved who knows how to secure your WordPress site from attacks.


While being open source has its positives, for many businesses this is not a positive.

The fact it is open source means that the code is freely available and the platform is free of commercial limitations and restrictions.

The software can be used any which way you wish, however, this does mean that the security is an issue as the code is widely available and not closed-source.