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Get found online and increase organic traffic, leads and sales with our SEO packages. We’re an SEO agency for Cambridge and businesses across the country that want to achieve big.


SEO packages to help your customers find you online

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical to ensuring your business is found online. Without it, you can lose out on traffic to your competitors. SEO is not something that can be purchased; however, it can be earned. By creating high-quality content, implementing the proper technical knowledge, and targeting keywords with the best intent and search volumes, your business can, in fact, appear for the right kind of potential customer online.
Many businesses get in touch with us to increase their traffic but are unsure where to get started. Investing in SEO is often one of the easiest decisions to make, as ranking for the right terms can make a massive difference to your business.
The ROI of SEO can prove very cost-effective in the long term.
AN ongoing process

SEO is an asset to your business

SEO is not simply an expense but an investment in your business and website. There are hundreds of factors which determine where your website will rank on search engine result pages. Investing in SEO to offer relevant content, a top customer experience and increased authority is paramount to your organic and business growth. Google and other search engines aim to provide a great user experience and to answer the search query of the user. By ensuring your website meets Google’s expectations and that your content answers the queries of your potential customers, we can ensure your business ranks well for the right terms.

Google and other search engines are constantly evolving to provide the best possible experience, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and SEO techniques to appear for your target search terms. SEO is an ongoing process that takes time to generate results, but over time, your investment in SEO will result in increased relevant organic traffic to your site which should result in additional business.

what we have to offer

Our SEO Process

At Xanthos, SEO packages follow a comprehensive 4-step process with techniques that help to improve your site’s visibility on the search results pages of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Measuring and reporting results
Ongoing support and improvements
AN ongoing process

What we offer

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Why choose Xanthos for SEO?

Our SEO team gets a buzz out of helping our clients rank for the terms that help them get the results they want. We don’t want to just improve your online visibility, but we want to see you gain more relevant traffic with the right search intent, generate more leads and generate more sales.

We take the time to understand your business, its mission and core objectives. We use this information to identify search terms that are most relevant to your business and the intent behind the search term, as this is critical in bringing the highest quality traffic to your site. 

Xanthos has invested in SEO tools and software to ensure we have all the data to provide insights and value to our clients.

On top of the knowledge, experience and tools you can benefit from, we strive to explain in simple terms what we are doing and how it meets your business needs. With the right SEO practices in place, it will add significant value to your website and, ultimately, your business. 

Our team strives to deliver impactful SEO services and strategies across various industries to help businesses grow their organic traffic and develop a long-term, cost-effective source of quality leads and sales.

Your goals are our goals. So, if you’re just getting started, need a complete overhaul of your SEO strategy, want to generate more enquiries or drive ecommerce sales through your website, get in touch with our SEO agency in Cambridge – we’re here to help!