Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come...

Thank you for your hard work and for making the KEEP website possible

Lets Go Glasses

"Creating our new site with Xanthos was handled with skill, expertise and technical issues were explained in a way we could understand. It was soon obvious that our old site was out of date and in need of updating.

"Our new website has received many positive comments, from a fresh new layout to colours and ease of use.

Matthew Godbold- Sales Director
ASHE Converting Equipment

"We have built our business on the back of our ecommerce sites

“We could not have achieved this without the ecommerce and digital marketing expertise of Xanthos.”
Alan Calder - CEO
IT Governance Ltd
"Our new website has been well received by our customers who like the look and ease of use. The ecommerce functionality is especially liked"
David Thompson - CEO

Their SEO work has resulted in propelling our website to the top of the Google rankings for the keywords that mattered to us and the customer services that she provided during the setup of our e-commerce site has been truly outstanding.

“Their proactive stance in identifying our business needs and in finding practical solutions to our stringent requirements has made all the difference and, as a result, we are looking forward to entrusting Olga with further development work over the forthcoming months.”

Olivier Picard - MD

ISC Medical

“The launch of the Woolies new website marks a change in our online approach with ecommerce now a key part of our sales strategy.

“The team at Xanthos has done an incredible job enabling us to provide new content and features which help us to deliver an even greater experience for our customers. The increase in conversions will make a significant improvement to our online sales.”

Duncan Allen


“My sincere thanks to you and your team for your professionalism and endless patience which has been very much appreciated.

“When we started this exercise I had my doubts that we could actually achieve something that appeared so complex without any of us ‘throwing in the towel’. I am so glad to be proven wrong and the site is a testament to you and your team’s expertise.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with you and I look forward to a very long relationship with you as we develop the site further over the coming months/years.”

Lesley Turner

Managing Director

“I would like to thank you and your support team at Xanthos for the excellent service that you have provided to C4. We are extremely pleased with the manner in which this project has been completed and the ongoing support services that you have on offer to us are extremely valuable.

“The website has been positively received by our customers and I am sure that it will prove to be a very powerful tool in helping us grow our business.”

Kevin Ball

Managing Director
C4 Carbides
"When selecting a partner for our ecommerce journey we were looking for a focussed, dedicated team with good subject matter knowledge and a high standard of project management and accountability. Right from the start Xanthos gave us confidence in their ability to deliver, demonstrating a genuine interest in and commitment to the business outcome.

"I like to work with vendors who really bring something to the discussion, engaging fully in shaping the solution and challenging assumptions along the way if necessary. The team at Xanthos have always exemplified this approach."
James Darby
3M Logo