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Marketing automation software helps to optimise your marketing strategy across the board, by generating more high-quality leads and ensuring you can convert more leads into sales. Xanthos is a Gold Certified SharpSpring Partner Agency, and we can help you improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales funnels. We can put together a marketing automation strategy, set up your automations, and directly run marketing funnels which drive sales.

Marketing automation is no longer something only big corporations have access to – it is now an affordable package that allows you to connect with your customers, automate your campaigns, manage your sales pipeline and analyse your overall marketing performance.

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What is SharpSpring

What is SharpSpring marketing automation software?

Marketing automation offers powerful, behavioural-based communication in order to generate more sales for your business, and easily tracks the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

With marketing automation software, you can build rules that send relevant content or emails based on the specific needs of individual website visitors.

SharpSpring can help you drive more leads, convert more leads into sales, and optimise your entire sales funnel.

SharpSpring offers marketing automation, sales automation and customer relationship management features to help fuel your business growth. With one platform, you can reach and engage more of your target customers, convert more leads into sales, and track the entire process.

SharpSpring’s CRM has features designed to help understand your buyer, create campaigns based on their behaviour, win more business and reduce the time it takes.

What is SharpSpring

Key features of SharpSpring marketing automation software

Marketing automation software can optimise many of your marketing processes, from lead qualification through to closing down sales. Marketing automation boasts a range of features that can make a big difference in increasing your efficiency, enhancing your marketing performance and growing your revenue.

Real-time triggers and workflow automations

Marketing automation features automated tasks and workflows that are automated in real-time, and can be executed within hours or minutes. This means you can automate sending messages, adding leads to specific lists or assigning leads to team members without any manual input.

Email marketing and email automation

Start conversions that lead to sales, that are much more effective than traditional email blasts. By emailing marketing messages to hot prospects when they take certain actions, you are more likely to turn them into customers.

With relevant content tailored to a buyer’s needs and interests, you can encourage leads to take relevant actions.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows you to identify the hottest leads, based on engagement, page tracking and more. Not only this, but it will notify your sales team of prospect behaviour.

Detailed Reporting and Website Analytics

Collate all of your analytics and reports in one place, and understand your ROI to establish the effectiveness of your marketing.

Turn anonymous website visits into leads

Turn anonymous website visits into high quality leads, as you can see who has been on your website and what they are interested in.

Built-in CRM

There’s no need to use multiple tools and management systems, as the CRM is built-in. You can track opportunities and lead engagement all in one place - from the first time they land on your website, through to closing sales. Alternatively, if you have a preferred CRM, it can be fully integrated with the automation platform to ensure your marketing and sales cycle is completely joined-up.


Personalise the interactions between your business and your customer, with personalised messaging sent at ideal intervals to win opportunities.

Sales engagement

Improve your sales process with follow-up reminders, messaging and automation features.

Social media features

Post to your social media channels, track mentions of your brand and follow up leads with relevant content.

What can SharpSpring achieve for your business?

Grow Your Business

With more engaged customers, higher quality leads, and detailed reports, marketing automation can have a significant impact on your revenue.

Engage Prospects and Customers

Don’t treat all of your customers the same. Connect with individual customers, and engage with them on a one to one basis that improves your brand positioning.

Save Staff Headaches

The software is simple to use and easy to customise, ensuring any member of staff can get to grips with the platform, and get started in automating tasks and marketing campaigns.

Gain customer intelligence

Build actionable intelligence about prospects and your customers, which you can use to present personalised content that speaks to their needs.

Automate your sales process

Marketing automation can build a bridge between your marketing and sales staff, while providing details of all your sales and marketing efforts in one place.

Save Time

Automate communications with leads, and automate tedious manual processes that take up valuable time, which you can spend elsewhere.

Streamline your workflow

If you ever struggle with working across multiple platforms, whether it’s a CRM, email marketing platform or otherwise, then streamlining your overall process in one place is a huge benefit.

Engage your customers at critical points

By automating workflows that engage leads with marketing messages in the right stage of unique buying processes, you are far more likely to turn them into customers.

Activity transparency

As you can see what potential customers are up to, you can be more informed when calling up leads in order to provide them with relevant service or product recommendations.

Gain actionable data to make business decisions

Collect valuable data that allows you to see how to optimise your online performance.

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Why Xanthos for your marketing automation?

At Xanthos, we provide marketing automation as part of our outsourced digital marketing packages. Our outsourced digital marketing services allow you to save time and focus your resources internally, while we develop the creative ideas to fuel the growth of your business, and improve your ROI.

Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, technologies, and skillsets can be a very costly affair for businesses managing their digital marketing in-house, with resources often becoming stretched in meeting the demands of business growth.

Our outsourced digital marketing services allow you to save time and focus your resources internally, while we develop creative ideas to fuel growth for your business and improve your ROI.

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SharpSpring Marketing Automation Benefits Summary

Benefits of Sharpspring include:

More leads

Drive more leads onto your website

Leads to sales

Convert more leads into sales through behaviour tracking and intelligent automated messages

Sales to ROI

Optimise and track your ROI and focus on campaigns that work


See the end-to-end picture of the customer journey, from the first interaction to conversion and beyond


Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behaviour of your leads