Digital Marketing: A Managing Director's Guide

Every digital agency should give a copy of this book to all their clients and potential clients so that everyone is on the same page in terms of what is possible and realistic to expect.

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Olga Travlos

About the author

Olga Travlos is an e-commerce and digital marketing strategist. She is the founder of Xanthos, an agency that specialises in digital marketing and e-commerce for small- and medium-sized companies. She has many years senior management experience in a number of industries in the private sector.

In 2018 Xanthos’ Managing Director wrote the book “Digital Marketing: A Managing Director’s Guide”.  This guide is specifically aimed at Managing Directors and CEOs of small- to medium-sized businesses. This will help you to understand what digital marketing is, in the most straightforward and unambiguous terms, so that you can work with your agency to achieve the best results for your business.


This book will help you:

  • Understand what digital marketing  is, in the simplest and clearest terms
  • Define and implement your digital marketing strategy
  • Get the best out of working with your digital marketing agency
  • Grow your business
What's onside

The Chapters Cover

Website Insight

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Paid Advertising

Marketing Funnels

Analysis and Measurement

Xanthos Timeline 2018 Managing Directors Guide To Digital Marketing

Book Review


It’s not an easy thing to explain digital marketing in plain English, which I believe this book does. Olga Travlos is a proven expert with two decades of experience (a rare thing) – where everyone tends to say they can get you to the top of Google! (not necessarily the right strategy). Digital agencies can pop up and disappear quickly nowadays and you can be sure it’s a minefield! This guide is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to understand digital marketing and how it can work for your business. If you are a company looking to invest your marketing spend on the internet or you want to check you’re doing things right – I would greatly recommend this book. This book may well save you a lot of wasted time and money!

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