The Benefits of Call Tracking Analytics for Your Business & Digital Marketing

Reading Time: 4 mins

By using call tracking analytics software, you can track inbound calls to where they came from.

This allows you to see which marketing channels are doing well, which are not, and what people are phoning about.

So what are the big benefits of implementing call tracking analytics for your digital marketing?


Call tracking software allows you to attribute calls to various on or offline channels.

The analytical side of call tracking can see whether calls came from organic search, paid ads, social media ads, display ads, email campaigns, or otherwise.

Optimise your digital marketing

By knowing where your calls come from, you can see which campaigns are performing well and generating leads, and which are not.

This means you can invest the time and money into channels that are performing well to increase the number of leads you are getting.

Similarly, you can see which campaigns are underperforming, and shift your resources to better improve the performance of these campaigns.

Sales funnel optimisation

Not only can you track which campaigns or channels perform well, but you will be able to attribute which phone calls generated conversions or sales, and thus identify areas of your sales funnel is working well.

Equally, you can identify areas of improvement within your sales funnel.


As you can attribute calls to marketing channels, campaigns or sales funnels, you can also identify which are the most profitable.

If your PPC ads are proving to close the most deals or generate the most sales via your tracked calls, you can see if the cost of the ads outweighs the sales it is making.

By doing this, you can work out which is the most profitable revenue stream, and invest more into the avenues that generate the most profitable business.

Track ROI

If you can track conversions are where sales are coming from, you can track the return on investment of your marketing.


In a similar vein, you can allocate budget to the campaigns or channels that are performing well.

Your marketing budget can be allocated to the channels that are generating phone calls, or the best quality of phone calls. You can even shift this to the most profitable keywords or campaigns within Google Ads or otherwise.

Improve sales process

Your inbound calls will be tracked and recorded. In time, you can listen to these calls and analyse how these calls go.

In essence, you can see how your sales people work on the phone, and where there are areas to improve.

You can see who is closing the most sales, and which techniques specifically work to generate sales. This can then be applied business-wide to improve overall sales.

Call information

Not only can it help your sales process, but you may get information you otherwise may not know about.

Conversations are not always a straight forward process when it comes to generating sales over the phone. Customers will have queries regarding your company or products you may not have been aware of.

By listening to recorded conversations, you will learn more about your audience and how you can grow your business.