8 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Website Sales

Reading Time: 4 mins

Sales are all-important when it comes to the world of ecommerce; and there are many different ways to increase them. We’ve collated a handful of some handy tips to ensure you are making the most of your ecommerce site, and you aren’t missing out on those crucial sales because of seemingly small choices or errors.

1) Simplistic Shopping Cart

You don’t want people to abandon their shopping carts before they have made the transaction. A reported 67% of shopping carts are abandoned just before the final purchase. So you need to assess why customers may back out of the final hurdle; with reasons including:

  • They don’t want to share private information
  • The buying process is too long-winded and complex
  • They simply cannot be bothered to create an account before they purchase


2) Appeal to the Online Window-Shoppers

Ensure any images, whether of the product itself or otherwise, are of a high resolution, and showcased properly. Customers will not be enticed to purchase an item which is displayed poorly, with a small pixelated image.

3) Links and Buttons are clear and concise

You don’t want to put customers off by making them hunt for the relevant buttons or links; so menus, categories, and relevant product pages should be easy to find.

If they’re on mobile, then big buttons are a crucial part of good web design, because you can be certain a competitor will surely have a fully optimized or responsive mobile site.


4) Help Your Customers

Always keep your customers at the heart of everything you do. Caring for a customer’s experience speaks volumes about your business: from how you present your company online, to how you deal with queries, and how you respond to problems after transactions. Some things to remember consist of:

  • Always reply to emails or calls as soon as possible
  • Go out of your way to answer customer queries
  • Generate positive customer feedback to display on-site

5) Bolster your SEO

You can have the best website and offers on the internet; but it’s no good if you can’t be found easily on Google. There are a number of ways to work your way up search engine rankings. Creating original product descriptions and updating your site are just two simple ways to ensure you can be found easily.

6) Clutter-Free Site

This may go without saying, but a clean website is much easier on the eyes. Customers can be fickle, and may back out of a sure-fire purchase, just because using the site is a hassle, or it looks a mess. Cater to these customers by creating an organised and fluid site, to ensure customers can use it with ease.

7) Why should Customers choose you?

Why should the public purchase from you, over other websites? Whatever your business, whether you’re providing a service or selling products, you need to stand out from the crowd; the internet is a very crowded place, after all.

So what makes you special? Do you pride yourself on fantastic customer service, or perhaps you offer free delivery? You could always offer next day delivery for a fee. Or perhaps you have a fluid mobile website, when your competitors do not. All these things can make you a cut above the rest.

8) Utilise the Search Bar

Make sure you have a great search system. What good are the product listings if they cannot be found via a quick search? You could be missing out on vital sales very simply.

Have you found any quick, interesting, or unique ways to boost your ecommerce sales? Share your experiences or thoughts in the comments below