5 Top Tips for Perfect Product Pictures

Reading Time: 3 mins

For many people the benefits of shopping online include avoiding crowded shops, easy product comparisons and the opportunity of reading product reviews, to name a few. Others however still like to see and handle products before committing to buy.

While an e-commerce website can never replace the physical experience of touching, smelling or trying a product on, it can appeal to the more tactile audience by making sure its product images are painting the right picture.

In this article we’ll look at five helpful tips for making sure your product images are not only making a great first impression, but also helping sell your products.

1. Start with Good Quality Photographs

This is first for good reason, without good quality images as your starting point, your options are immediately limited for ‘showing off’ your products in the best way possible.

Digital photography makes trial and error an inexpensive process for making the most of your pictures. Make sure to pay attention to lighting and selecting a complimentary plain background which doesn’t distract from the product.

2. Super-Size them

Once you have selected your product pictures, make sure you have the facility to present a selection of enlarged copies. Providing pictures in available colour options and from more than one angle will help consumers make a more informed decision.

3. A Little Demonstration

Static images may not be as illustrative as a ‘how-to’ video, but a few shots demonstrating the product in use can help the more reluctant online shopper to appreciate the product’s selling features, size and scale.

4. Be a Devil about Detail

If your product requires a closer look, consider taking close-up pictures to show the kind of product detail that your educated buyer would like to see. This can be accomplished with a standard zoom lens and good lighting. Showing your products in detail can also help emphasise a unique selling point over a competitor.

5. Set a Standard

Try to keep a similar style and quality across all your product images – this will provide a consistent customer friendly experience and improve your website’s aesthetic appeal. A uniform look and feel can also assist shoppers in navigating your products when browsing your merchandise.

Another benefit of taking the time to produce some quality product pictures is the great first impression it makes on customers – assuring the most reluctant of online shoppers that they can trust your website as a legitimate, well presented e-commerce option.

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By Olga Travlos