20 Top SEO Tools to Increase Your Site Traffic in 2014 

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Gaining higher rankings on Google for desired search terms is no easy task, whether you’re an Search Engine Optimisation expert or not.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 SEO tools to allow you to optimise your page rank, SERP display, alongside helping you with a range of tasks such as keyword research and website auditing.


Open Site Explorer –

This is a tool that allows you to research backlinks, with, as Moz calls it, “intelligent, targeted link building”.

You can view backlinks, anchor text, among other useful metrics regarding your website.

FollowerWonk –

Another Moz product that proves to be a very useful and powerful Twitter analytics tool.

You can analyse your followings statistics, such as location and times they are active, alongside connecting with new people interested in your industry. Great for outreach and discovery.

Visual Website Optimizer –

You don’t need to know how to code to use this handy tool. It allows you to A/B test your future content, so you can discover best performing version of your site.

This crosses over with your Content Marketing Strategy, allowing you to ensure the SEO efforts of upcoming blog posts and website copy are the best they can be. Much easier than finding out the hard way.

visual website optimizer

Anchor Text Over Optimization Report –

If you’re concerned you may be getting penalised for over-optimized anchor text, this is the best way to make sure you are in compliance.

By just typing in your URL you can gain access to a report of your link usage, so you can define and assess which need altering.

Buzzstream Tools Suite –

BuzzStream’s link building tools allows you to conduct research, find link opportunities, automatically create link building search queries, and extract a range of data from URLs.

Increase traffic by following and boosting the “buzz” surrounding your brand.

SEO Toolbar –

SEO Toolbar provides a wealth of marketing data, and in SEOBook’s own words, allows you to “get a holistic view of the competitive landscape of a market directly in the search results”.

It provides you with link and directory information as you browse, alongside PageRank details, Age, and other background information.

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Screaming Frog SEO Spider –

One of the most popular crawl tools out there, it can spider your site in a similar fashion to Google or any other search engine would.

This allows you to perform a full technical audit, as it grabs information from pages, links, titles, tags, anchor text, and a host of other places.

Frobee Robots.txt Checker –

An invaluable tool that validates the syntax and structure of your webpages, alongside spell checking and assessing crawler access.

One of the best ways to go about analysing, auditing, and reviewing the SEO aspects of a large site, saving you a great deal of hassle.

Image SEO Tool –

Simply stick in the URL of an image, and this tool will analyse the name, alt attribute, and dimensions, to ensure there are no problems.

Google Image search gets overlooked by many companies out there, and you can gain a lot of traffic from people searching for images. Make sure you’re not missing out.

image seo tool

Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools –

A heap of SEO tools at your disposal from the guys at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Whether you want to find broken links, analyze images, or aggregate search results; the adjustments you will discover could have a big impact on the traffic and optimisation of your website.

Linkstant –

Linkstant allows you to be alerted whenever somebody links to your website, which can be pretty handy when it comes to reaching out, and gathering information on link building.

This gives you an insight into the virality of your content, assess reviews of your website quickly, and maintains motivation with real-time results

Google Trends –

Want to see what’s trending right now? Google Trends has it all. This allows you an insight into what people are reading and talking about, which is great information to have when you’re planning to write blogs or articles.

Discoverability will be a lot easier if your content is topical, so stay one step ahead of your competitors.

google trends

Google Snippet Preview –

If you wish to see how your content or website will be displayed in the results page of Google, then this is an incredibly useful tool.

You can configure the title and metadescription of your websiter and content, to ensure that it is optimised for the SERP. The SERP display can be a huge influencer in whether a customer visits your site or not.

Rank Checker for Firefox –

One of the most accessible and time-saving tools on this list, Rank Checker allows you to check rankings with just one click, straight from your Firefox browser.

It keeps your ranking data private, and will let you view personalised search results, understand algorithmic trends, and be aware of when algorithms change which may affect your website’s standing.

SEMrush –

With the ability to view a huge array of data, such as phrases and popular keywords within the niche you are targeting, and top ranking sites competing for your desired keywords, SEMRUsh provides one of the most complete keyword resources out there.


Übersuggest –

Übersuggest may not be the most in depth tool, but it’s definitely worthwhile in checking for some Google autocomplete research. You can get an idea of what things people are searching for out there, in order for you to target your future content at this audience.

URI Valet –

URI Valet can help you undergo technical audits in a simplistic fashion. All you need to do, is input your URI, User Agent, and a few other pieces of information, and you can easily perform site reviews and document quality control.

Keyword Eye –

If you partake in brainstorming sessions when coming up with new content or keywords, Keyword Eye could be the tool that suits you.

Instead of the more complex tool, it allows a visual approach to finding keywords quickly, and competitor research.


keyword eye

Bing Webmaster Tools –

Relatively similar in functionality to Google Webmaster Tools, Microsoft have their own webmaster tools and resources up for grabs.

Bing may not be the most popular search engine out there, but these tools are worth having a look at.

Scraper for Chrome –

Web scraping can provide you with a lot of interesting and valuable data, and this Chrome extension gives you all this power without needing knowledge of any form of coding.

You can analyse information from data mining in a spreadsheet format, for an incredibly in-depth assessment of any of your web pages. Try it out for yourself.

Have you come across any tools, extensions, or websites that have helped your SEO efforts significantly? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.
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