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Two weeks ago Amazon launched a suite of self-service marketing tools for brands – generally referred to across the web as Amazon Brand Pages. If you own a business and you sell products on Amazon, you’ll probably want to ‘watch this space’.

Amazon Brand Pages (or Amazon Pages) actually comprise only one part of the full suite of marketing tools known as Amazon Marketing Services. Within this suite brands will have access to three ‘products’, including:

Amazon Posts, Analytics and Pages

Really these ‘products’ are all parts of or associated with the core product within the suite – Amazon Pages.

Amazon Pages

Amazon Pages allows brands to create their own dedicated landing page from which they can showcase a selection of products and display various marketing messages.

What makes these pages so appealing is that they are integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will mean that product or brand updates shared on Amazon Pages will display/be posted simultaneously on the Amazon Brand Page and on the brand’s Facebook Business Page. Furthermore, these Pages make it even easier for customers to like the business’s Facebook Page or to Follow the business on Twitter as social icons will be displayed above the cover photo.

Actually, it’s not just the Branded Landing Page that says Amazon is heading into social in a big way, but the fact that Amazon Pages are accompanied by ‘Amazon Posts’ – the social part of the Page.

Amazon Posts

The Amazon Posts option allows brands to post messages and engage with potential customers directly on their Amazon Page. As mentioned above, these messages will feed through to the brand’s Amazon Page as well as to the brand’s Facebook page. And as with Facebook, each post/message can be enhanced with an image or with a product. It can also be scheduled in advance.  Take a look at the image below (credit: Amazon)

Amazon Posts

You will notice that there is also a character limit on these posts – 140 characters, just like Twitter.

Amazon Analytics

To ensure you make the most of your Amazon Page, Amazon has created an analytics section where you will be able to go to find out how successful your marketing efforts are over time. You will be able to find metrics such as reach, views, considerations and purchase lift. And you should be able to further refine your results by displaying your impressions or considerations over a daily, weekly or monthly period.

Get Started

Setting up your Amazon Page

Amazon has made it fairly simple to set up a Brand Page. If you need help with it, take a look at their User Guide, which is also available on their Marketing Services page. We’ve attached it here for your convenience:

Download the Amazon Pages PDF

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Written by Candice Landau