Xanthos is going to AspDotNetStorefront’s Conference in Oregon, USA!

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Got AspDotNetStorefront questions? We’re going to the source to get you the answers…


It’s nearly upon us – the 2013 Developer Conference in Ashland, Oregon and…Xanthos is attending. It’s the first time we’re heading overseas for a conference and, according to AspDotNetStorefront, the first time that ANY UK Digital Agency will be attending.

The main reason we’re attending is to make sure that we’re on top of the latest ecommerce website development trends. From November 5th through November 7th we’ll be learning more about AspDotNetStorefront and DotFeed, Microsoft, .NET Web Development, latest Development and coding trends/practices and so much more. If you’d like to take a look at the schedule or find out who is speaking, click through to the Event Pages.

We’ll be tweeting live

xanthos twitter

If you’ve got any questions, go ahead and send them our way. The best way to get through to us if you want your questions answered ASAP is via the contact form on our website or, ideally, via our twitter page. You can also find us by searching for our twitter handle @XanthosDigital.

Good times to talk to us if you’re in the UK:

Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of November – get your questions into us any time of the day! Monday we’ll be exploring Ashland. Tuesday we’ll be meeting the speakers and networking.

Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th – the conference starts at 9am Pacific time. That means, if you want to tweet us live or follow our tweets as we learn and post, if you’re in the UK, be on twitter from 5pm onward.

Who to contact

If you’d like to ask something specific, feel free to ‘direct’ your tweets to either Olga Travlos (OT) –  the MD of Xanthos, or Nirav Mehta (NM) – one of our core developers.

What’s the Hashtag?

xanthos twitter hashtag

If you’d like to make sure your tweet gets picked up by Xanthos and potentially by other interested parties, use the hashtag #DotDev2013

We look forward to hearing from you and to reporting back!