Top Manufacturing Website Designs for Inspiration in 2015

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If your manufacturing company doesn’t have a modern, mobile-friendly website to grow your business, attract new customers, and retain old ones, you could be missing out on revenue.

Growing your manufacturing company online requires an attractive and functional web design as the cornerstone of your website. Many manufacturing companies underestimate the impact a well-designed website can have on their overall revenue, whilst also gaining and retaining customers. Your product doesn’t have to be the most visually appealing to create a stunning website, as you can still have a website which shows your business as an industry leader.

Below we have listed some examples of great manufacturing websites as inspiration for you to shape how you wish to present your business.

BMW Manufacturing –

Manufacturing Website Design BMW

For a brand which prides themselves on the style of their automobiles, a great web design is needed for BMW to portray what they do. And knowing this, BMW have not failed to create a quality manufacturing-specific website that delivers on aesthetics and functionality, to pair with their main retail-orientated site.

BMW have created a simple interface, with some outstanding imagery and clear categories to demonstrate BMW’s expertise. Whether you’re looking to find out more around the manufacturing process, or their community, information can be easily found in the bottom categories. The site takes you through the production, tours around their plant, and everything else you could need to know about their manufacturing process.

Bombardier –

Plane web design manufacturing

The main slider instantly shows you what Bombardier are all about, with crisp resolutions and an outstanding array of colours. Despite their unique business model, as any B2B train manufacturer would be, the website provides a lot of information about what they do. The site guides you through their presence in the UK, and their global portfolio, demonstrating why they are an industry leader.

The bar at the top instantly draws your attention to their main industries for more information, whilst still showcasing the other categories to explore the site.

Scrolling down displays their latest news, and sheds more light on their presence in the UK. Overall, Bombardier have created a clean website that ticks all the right boxes for a manufacturer. They also focus on providing information about the jobs they offer, which will help in expanding and growing their business in the future.

Ashe –

Manufacturing Web Design

One of our own designs, the Ashe website displays a very niche B2B product in an aesthetically appealing way. Ashe manufacture slitter rewinders and converting machines, but their products are still presented in an elegant manner.

The site is fully responsive, meaning the site is optimised for viewing on any device, whether PC, tablet, or smartphone. The home page directs users to visit Ashe at upcoming trade exhibitions, which is always useful for creating leads. The exhibition area displays the array of products Ashe provide, whilst maintaining easy navigation through the mega menu.

For more information, read the case study by clicking here.

Sunseeker Yachts –

Manufacturing Website Design Sunseeker

For people in the market for a top yacht, image is everything. And Sunseeker delivers this, providing stunning visuals of the products they manufacture, as soon as you enter the site.

Whilst navigating the menu isn’t the easiest of tasks, the site makes up for this by clearly showing why you should be interested just with photos. Of course, no-one is going to purchase a yacht online, and so selling isn’t the main point. But enticing visitors to consider a purchase, view more information, and get in touch, are all important to generating business. And who wouldn’t want a yacht after viewing this site? This site is great for generating leads, and providing information to interested buyers.

Triumph Motorcycles –

triumph manufacturing

Similarly, Triumph have managed to create a website which would make anyone yearn for a motorbike. Triumph, one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers, are sporting a nifty responsive website that adjusts to the screen, providing some great images and an easy-to-use drop-down menu for mobile devices. As good as it looks on mobile, it still looks great on a desktop computer.

Triumph have found a good balance between highlighting the stellar design and visuals of their products, whilst still showcasing their manufacturing prowess.

Sta-Lok –

StaLok Manufacturing Website Design

Another example of a Xanthos website build, Sta-Lok have experienced 36% increased online sales, and 48% more visitors, all because of their new ecommerce website using AspDotNetStorefront.

Pairing the striking branding with a visual mega menu and a one page checkout has shown great results, and created an aesthetically pleasing site which generates revenue.

To read the case study for more information, click here.

Michelin –

Manufacturing Website Inspiration Michelin

Ensuring their iconic mascot Bibendum maintains centre stage, Michelin have created a very intuitive and accessible website. As soon as you access the site, you can easily input car details to choose your desired tyre.

Not only this, but a dealer locater, tyre catalogues, list of helpful articles and more are clearly displayed. A quick, easy, and informative B2C site which gives easy access to content such as buying guides, product information, and the services they provide.


Manufacturing Website Development JCB

JCB are sporting a nice slider on their home page, which iconic visuals showing what JCB is all about. They also display useful links in a clear and orderly fashion, with the everything placed where you would expect it.

Overall, the site uses the famous JCB branding to create an effective colour scheme, which draws the eye to the most important aspects of the site. The dealer locater is easy to use, and the mega menu reduces the number of clicks to your destination. The design is particularly useful for both the public and business partners, as it appeals to both areas of the market. What more could you want?

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