8 Reasons Businesses Need to Advertise on Facebook

Reading Time: 5 mins

Many businesses are advertising on Facebook now – with Facebook claiming there are over 26 million advertisers on the platform.

However, there’s a significant number of businesses failing to make the most of the powerful advertising options Facebook offers.

So what are the key reasons businesses can generate good results from advertising on Facebook?

Wide range of ad formats

Whatever you want to advertise, or whatever appeals to your target audience, there will be an ad format that will suit your needs and help you achieve your objectives.

Images, videos, slideshows and much more can help get your advertisement noticed on the platform.

Carousels can be very effective in selling multiple products, while creating a video that showcases your business can be a highly impactful way of getting your brand to stand out online.

Measurable results

Everything you do on Facebook can be measured.

Measure how much you spend against how much revenue it generates, or how many results you get.

You can see how many people view your ad, how many people click, and much more.

Overall, it’s very easy to measure the results you are looking to achieve.

Specific targeting options

Target based on interests, demographics, likes – you name it.

Instead of targeting based on vague terms or what they search for (like with Google Ads), you can specify the exact audience you are interested in advertising to.

This includes locations, ages, genders, languages, interests, behaviours, connections and more. You can specify in these categories and match them up, or exclude specific audiences.


Being able to retarget potential customers who have been on your website is a powerful form of advertising.

If you are a Facebook user, it’s likely you’ve visited a site and seen that brand advertising products or services it offers to you on Facebook. And as you had already shown an interest in that brand, it’s likely you paid more attention. Retargeting via the Facebook Pixel can be very powerful when you create the right ad to pair with it.

This can be particularly useful when attempting to advertise to lost customers who would potentially shop elsewhere, even after showing interest in what you had to offer.

Advertise to your fans

Not only this, but you can also directly advertise to people who have engaged with or like your business on Facebook. While this may seem like something you could do with a post, it’s not that simple anymore. Facebook made it much more difficult for businesses to regularly appear in the feeds of people who “like” pages – but advertising ensures you will find an audience that is interested in your offering.

Spend as much or as little as you want

Facebook allows you to scale up and scale down your campaigns as you see fit.

Whatever the aim of the campaign, you can optimise your campaigns to get the best results.

If you’re looking for purchases, Facebook will optimise the campaign to get that. If you’re looking to expand your brand and get more traffic through clicks, you can optimise your campaign delivery to do this instead.

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, you can ensure you get the results you want.

Huge audience

Facebook has 2.27 billion active users.

Facebook states that 1.4 billion+ people use Facebook every day, 2 billion+ people use Facebook every month, and 26 million+ active advertisers are on Facebook.

This is an unprecedented global audience to advertise to, so you can be certain you can find your audience on here.

Not only that, but it allows you to advertise on other Facebook-owned platforms, such as Messenger or Instagram, potentially opening up your brand to customers who may not even be active on Facebook.

Be found where your competitors are not

Depending on your industry or what it is you offer, your space may or may not be saturated with online ads.

If your industry is advertising on Facebook and similar platforms, then you simply need to be doing the same to compete.

However, if they are not, you may think you can sit back and relax. But really, this is a unique opportunity to find an untapped market that your competitors have not, so far, gone after. This could make a huge difference if you create an effective campaign that generates leads or creates sales.