Improved SEO with Video Marketing

Reading Time: 3 mins

Online video is no longer considered an experimental marketing and advertising method. An engaging video presentation not only gets your message across better, it also improves your social appeal – and if done right, your search engine rankings.

In fact, website pages that include video content are 50 times more likely to get “organic first page rankings” than are standard text pages (Forrester Research).

The following six tips will help you improve your search engine traffic using one of the most engaging online sales and marketing mediums; online video.

1. Think Quality, Not Quantity

Content remains King. Whether it’s amusing, entertaining, insightful, educational or even shocking; it’s the quality of your content that will attract viewers, encourage sharing and make the search engines take note.

2. The Video Title and Description

Whichever video sharing service you use, take time to optimise your video’s title, description and tags in line with your keyword research. If you are sharing your video across several video sharing sites, mix up the title a little on the same theme.

3. Share the Video Love

Sharing your videos across your social media profiles, and most importantly embedding it on your blog or website provides the opportunity for the search engines to include a link to your website in their search results. As well as filling your site with engaging content.

4. Include the Video Transcript

You can now upload the video transcript on YouTube. Google is known to crawl these transcripts, which again provides a great opportunity for you to help Google with finding relevant content for their search engine results.

5. Don’t Ignore YouTube

Now the second largest search engine behind only Google, YouTube has become an essential element for succeeding with video marketing. A well put together YouTube channel can not only present you as an authority in your field, it can also be used to attract more targeted search traffic.

6. Remember To Include the CTA

Your video marketing content is no different to other content; make it clear to the viewer what to do next to take their interest to the next level. Including a call to action and link to your website will let your audience (and the search engines) know where to go next. This can be achieved by including a call to action at the conclusion of your video message.

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of online video content can be a huge advantage in not only better email and social media engagement – it can also have direct Search Engine marketing benefits too. If you are interested in implementing a video marketing campaign for your business, get in touch.

By Olga Travlos