Importance of Website Analytics

Reading Time: 6 mins

Are you a marketer or business owner? Have you recently set up your website but aren’t sure what else needs to be done to it?  

If you don’t know already, website analytics is one tool that you should know about and have added to your website. 

According to Optimizely, website analytics helps you measure and analyse data to better inform and understand your user behaviour across your site’s web pages. 

This is a tool that should be on all websites!

Suppose you are wondering why web analytics is important for the growth of your business, well, simply put. In that case, website analytics aims to help you measure, adapt, and develop your online strategy, which would allow better align your approach to gaining the results you want. 

While this is the primary reason, in this post, we’ll discuss other reasons why this tool should be used to help with your business growth. 

Are you ready? Well, let’s get to it!

It Is Free & Automatically Collects Data

First, while there are numerous web analytic tools that you could choose from without sounding totally biased, Google Analytics is one of the best. 

Other than the fact you can track and analyse your website’s data and performance, you can do all of this and more, but for FREE! Yes, you heard right, for free.

And what gives the icing on the cake, sort of speak, Google will do all of the work when it comes to collating your website data. Updates can be sent to you via email in the form of reports, or you can access them at any time. 

Ability To Measure Internal Site Search

Viewing your internal site search insights will give you a deeper 

knowledge of your visitors’ search for on your website.

These insights will show you potential growth opportunities with limited, unclear or non-relevant content.

And, with this information, you’ll be able to make any needed changes to your website that will help strengthen your website and its performance.

Similarly to what we mentioned previously, insights will show you opportunities for limited or unclear content. Analytic insights will show you what content is working well and what you should focus on to gain better engagement and hopefully more users to your website.

This would include adding more internal or external call to action buttons (CTA), more visual elements like images or videos or simply additional content for your subject.

Understanding Social Platforms To Target & Referrals To Track

Social media is known to be a great addition to any business strategy.

With that being said, using your given website analytics will help you better track and understand the traffic coming from social media.

For example, if you found that your content is attracting a large percentage of visitors from Facebook but a reduced amount on Instagram according to the data shown, you would have the chance to focus more on Facebook and less on Instagram.

Or on the other hand, focus more on Instagram, if preferred and required to connect with your ideal audience and less on Facebook.

And similar to social media, with your website analytics, you will be able to better understand and track additional referrals. 

No matter what website it is, you’ll be able to track the dates, average duration, sessions, users and more.

Of course, it is entirely up to you and your business; however, you’ll have a complete picture of how you should further plan out your business strategy with the data found.

Helps Monitor Organic & Paid Performance

Search engine optimisation is one way to ensure your online strategy is working and aligned with your business growth.

The increase in organic traffic your website receives, the better, as you will have more leads and more potential conversions gained.

And, to ensure all the work you are putting into your SEO strategy is working, this is where your website analytics would play a significant role.

By understanding the relevant site data, including demographics and search terms used, you’d have the opportunity to create targeted content relevant to what they want to see. 

And what’s great is you can go even deeper with your data to find out where your backlinks and referrals are coming from.

Moreover, just like your SEO performance, website analytics can also help you monitor your PPC strategy (Google ads).

Not only could you view your campaigns, but you’d have a range of data to look at, including your audience for these campaigns, your goals and data around it like whether it was achieved or not, keywords relevant to your movements and more.

There are many more reasons, too much to highlight, why website analytics is beneficial for your website.

But one thing is for sure, analytics is important as it’ll help the growth of your business as you’ll have the ability to measure, adapt and develop your online strategy, regardless of what the state of it is currently. 

We understand that not everyone has the option to have an in-house marketing department, and therefore, many of these areas cannot be viewed in the depth of which they should and can be. 

That’s why we at Xanthos provide several digital marketing services. We endeavour to review your data and understand how to align your strategy online with your business goals. 

Whether you need website support, a website refresh or a completely new and improved website, contact us for further information about our website design services or website development services.