Google now shows Tweets from Twitter in Mobile Search Results

Reading Time: 3 mins

Google have announced they are bringing Tweets directly from Twitter into relevant Google Search results on mobile devices.

This news shows that Google are attempting to once again dabble with real-time information in its results, as they had once before displayed “real-time” search results, but ended up inserting Google+ content instead of Twitter posts. If anything, this move shows the move Google are serious about showing real-time results, their dedication to mobile by choosing to roll out to mobile devices before desktops, alongside the power and influence social media now has.

What does this mean for users?

Now when you’re searching on your mobile browser or the Google app itself, you will find any related real-time content directly from Twitter within the search results page itself. In itself, it’s a very convenient way to find real-time information when an event or occurrence is happening, and to gain a fuller idea of the online conversation happening around any major news or events.

The news also means that Twitter should see a higher amount of reach and exposure, as the potential audience is now much more significant. Businesses and individuals alike can have a wider global audience when they Tweet about certain topics, all taking place at the most relevant moments in time.

How will it work in practice?

If you’re interested in the latest news on a certain topic, whether it’s sports, culture, or any other form of update, you can simply Google it to find relevant Tweets on the topic.

Essentially, it works in two ways: either you can add “Twitter” to your search in order to trigger the Twitter listings, but otherwise relevant Tweets will surface on standard Google searches too.

Google gave the following example, that by asking the Google app “NASA Twitter”, you will be able to view the tweets coming from the NASA Twitter Account:

Nasa Twitter Google SERP Twitter

Alternatively, if you’re searching for a certain topic, then you can read relevant Tweets about it within the search results. Twitter gave the following example, as the popular show Mad Men came to a close recently:

MadMen Twitter Google Search Results

Once you click or “tap” on a Tweet within the Google Search, you will be taken directly to Twitter, where you can view the Tweet in full with any additional content or comments that come along with it.

Google are now launching this on in English within the Google app itself, across across both Android and iOS devices, alongside mobile browsers. However, this launch will roll out gradually, so you will need to wait a little until you see this feature in other languages, and on desktop devices.