Google Brings Social and Search Together

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Google has taken a huge step to making search more personal. A recent update to their search algorithm, entitled “Search, plus your world” will mean content from your Google + social network; will be presented along with the normal search results, when delivering results from a Google search.

This is a pretty significant step to delivering search at a more individual level. Not only will Google present the most relevant websites (as they see it) for your search term, they will also let you know who in your Google + social network has been talking about the search topic too. So why is it significant and how can it benefit your business?

Personalising the Search Experience

At the time of writing, the “Search, plus your world” has not been introduced in all countries Google Search is available in – and in reality if you don’t have a Google account or a Google + social media profile with friends, colleagues, family etc added to your social circles, then you will not yet have the ‘social search’ experience.

For those who do have a Google + account however, this marks a major step to bringing the web that little bit closer. So how does it work?

When a Google search is returned users will see a new section right above the standard search results which will show how many personal results it has found from your Google + social network. Additionally, some of the personal results that the search returns may be blended into the first page of results as well.

It’s worth emphasising the point that the personalised search results include social content from Google + only – and as yet, doesn’t include content from your Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform – but then why should they when Google have their own shiny new social media platform to promote.

This being said, the “Search, plus your world” update is clearly a game changer in the world of search marketing.

The Opportunity for Business

How is it a game changer? Simple, it changes the search marketing landscape by enabling your content from your Google + social profile to be presented as an alternative source above otherwise impossible to rank for search results. Or in more simple terms, you have the opportunity to leap frog all the organic search results if the Google search is conducted by someone in your Google + social network.

While this shouldn’t mean dropping your Search Engine Optimisation campaign – as relevant content will always find a place in Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search results – the potential benefits of increasing the exposure of your Google + account is clear.

This is a very shrewd move by the search giant, a move that clearly throws down a gauntlet to Facebook’s social media dominance. While Google + lags well behind Facebook when it comes to the all important number of users, you can see why it continues to enjoy the fastest rate of growth for any social media platform. Watch this space!

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By Olga Travlos