Google AdWords Price Extensions Rolls Out for Mobile Text Ads

Reading Time: 4 mins

Google has announced it is rolling out new price extensions, allowing AdWords PPC advertisers to showcase prices for products and services within the search results.

Price extensions display a list right below the ad itself in the mobile search results.

This new extension allows advertisers to show information on pricing for multiple products or services within the ads.

Google PPC price extensions

Why is Google promoting prices in AdWords?

Google is introducing prices to PPC ads, to give customers more information. In Google’s own words:

Whether it’s weekend baseball tickets or temporary storage space, people want to know what their options are and how much they cost before deciding what to buy. That’s why we’re introducing price extensions: additional information that can show with your mobile text ads, showcasing your services and range of products, and how much they cost.


Price extensions will now display multiple rows of information on your pricing, in order to give your customers more information before clicking on your ad.

What’s included in Price Extensions

Price extensions make use of the following information:

  • Headers for the clickable title
  • Descriptions of up to 25 characters
  • Price qualified by a unit per hour, day, week, month, or year
  • URL for landing page

Price extensions can also be scheduled for specific promotions, or altered as rolling price increases for particular events.

Price extensions can be set at account, campaign or ad group level.  As an example from Google:

In this salon example, you could add price extensions for “Haircut,” “Hair Coloring,” and “Treatment” to campaigns containing more general keywords like hair salon or hair stylist. Or add price extensions for specific services at the ad group level to support more specific keywords like men’s haircuts or balayage salon.


You can also use the same final URL if you only have the one relevant landing page for a set of price extensions.

Getting started with Price Extensions

Price extensions are now rolling out, so they may not be available in your account just yet.

However, you will find them in the drop-down menu in the Ad extensions tab.

Price extensions can also be combined with other ad formats other than site links – such as call extensions, so you can get the best form of conversion for your business.

For now, price extensions are only for mobile search results, though this is sure to change in the future if deemed a success.

Only the ad in the top position on the page will be eligible to display price extensions – so getting this position should be a priority if you want to display prices to potential customers.

As price extensions roll out, it’s sure to be a popular choice for businesses, and will surely drive competition.

As this new extension is both user-friendly and advertiser-friendly, providing big benefits for both, it will be popular – which will inevitably be met with higher PPC bids.

But if you do get the top spot with prices displayed, you will have a huge presence in the search results which is sure to reap rewards. Due to the amount of screen real estate with extension takes up, it’s likely to drive competition, and increase CPCs on mobile devices.

For more information, read the Google support documents here, or get in touch with the team who will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.