Google AdWords introduces Call-Only Campaigns for Mobile-Centric Marketing

Reading Time: 3 mins

Google have announced a new ad type for AdWords Pay-Per-Click, which will allow marketers to set up phone call conversion only campaigns.

This isn’t something completely new, as marketers could achieve this through a rather complex call extension set-up, but now this feature should make things a lot simpler.

All you need to do, is click to create ads, and then choose the call-only ad type.

Choosing Google AdWords Call Only Campaign

As Google have stated over on their Inside AdWords blog:

People are living their lives online and engaging with your business in new ways.  With smartphones in hand, consumers are increasingly looking for products or services while on the go and then placing a call right away. In fact, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

And they’re not wrong. This new announcement makes it much easier for businesses to reach out to potential customers by simply showing a phone number next to a call button, with a brief business description. All this will appear directly where customers are searching for your business; meaning conversions rarely get much more simple and direct than this.

PPC AdWords - Google Call Only Campaigns

Not all businesses rely on website clicks for conversions, or even to make their money. Sometimes, businesses may rely and value a phone call a lot more than something viewing a couple of pages on their site. With this new feature, AdWords will only show the ad to people who are on their mobile device; meaning that you won’t be displaying adverts to people who don’t have the ability to call you there and then.

It also means that you will not be driving traffic to your website, and instead driving calls. This is a big time-saver for marketers who may be directing users to a website in order to influence to call anyhow. At the very least, it’s great to see a new way to market your business specifically for mobile users, as this ad will be shown directly to users who are on their phone.

As it is Pay Per Click, this means that every time you pay for a click, you could actually be paying for a direct phone call to your business. Not bad at all.

This does mean however, that you will need to rethink your AdWords PPC strategy if you wish to make the most of this. Ad copy for these specific adverts will need to be tailored in order to boost conversions, and generate the most phone calls you can.

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