Google Ads Update: Expanded Call-only Ads Gives You More Room for Text

Reading Time: 3 mins

Google has announced that it is introducing more room for text within call-only Google Ads.

This is essentially an extension of Google introducing expanded text ads, and now this is reaching call-only ads.

Google explains in the following:

People often prefer to talk to a business before buying a product or service. Call-only ads allow people to call you from mobile search results to quickly get the answers they need. In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out additional lines of text in call-only ads to help you provide more useful information to potential customers.

The new best practices for call-only Google Ads

Rather than 25 characters for a headline, you will now have two 30 character headlines.

Descriptions are also increasing from 80 characters up to 90 characters.

The business name is now also moved into the description line. This makes it much simpler to fit the name of the business and the call to action in the ad.

While this doesn’t sound like much of a change, it can make a big difference to how your ads perform, as you will be able to put more information in call-only ads.

What you need to consider

If you rely on your brand in the heading, then the fact it drops down to the description could be quite significant.

However, for most businesses this means you have more real estate in the title for you to get your message across.

At the end of the day, make sure you are making the most of the additional real estate in the call-only ads, and make a compelling reason for the searcher to call your business. And as ever, you need to remain clear and transparent when it comes to your business, in-line with Google’s own call-only advertising policies.

Google will be making changes over the coming weeks in March 2019.