Ecommerce Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty Online

Reading Time: 5 mins

The ecommerce space is very crowded now, and it is essential your ecommerce store stands out amongst the crowd. And once you attract customers, it’s particularly important to create and maintain customer loyalty to keep them coming back to do business with you, and gain fans of your brand.

But how does an ecommerce store go about creating customer loyalty online? We cover some of the top ecommerce tips in order to help nurture loyal customers below, with a few ideas of what influences online shoppers to return to ecommerce websites.

Customer Loyalty for Ecommerce

Personalise Your Content

Whatever the content is, there’s a chance you can make it more personal to the person reading.

Whether it’s on-site or an email campaign, you can ensure customers feel welcome, and a little bit special.

A few ideas include:

  • Use names in email campaigns
  • Personalise email and website content
  • Send thank you emails
  • Present “you may also like” or “other customers bought”
  • Send out emails for birthdays
  • “We miss you” email campaigns when a user has been inactive

Showcase Your Product

As for your strategy, it’s likely you once started with a core product or product category that gave birth to your brand.

Ensuring you are still focused on this core product offering or range is essential to aligning your overall ecommerce and marketing strategy.

You may have evolved to have too many categories and options for potential customers to see what makes you special amongst the crowd, and it can often be beneficial to choose a particular product category you can excel in,

Ensure across your website and in your marketing material that it is clear what you offer over competitors.

Enhance Perceived Value

In real life, people can see your products, or use them.

However when it comes to the online world, people can only see your products, and so the perceived value of your brand and product is essential.

This comes down to how much your customer thinks your product is worth.

  • Professional or high-quality photography
  • Product descriptions
  • User-generated content
  • Product reviews
  • Ratings

Updates or Newsletter Campaigns

Ensure you touch base with your customers on a regular basis.

Whatever you offer, you can put together some content or promotions in order to remind people about your brand, and what you have to offer.

For instance, you could send upcoming product email campaigns, to make registered users feel part of a more special group. Or similarly, you could offer them the chance to be the first to order, use, or access your products.

This can be achieved very simply via segmented email campaigns or marketing automations.

Evoke Emotions

You should aim to generate an emotional shopping experience overall, allowing your customers and potential customers to connect with your brand on an emotional level.

Of course, the emotion in question should reflect the response you want a customer to feel. Whether it’s fear they’re missing out, desire for your product, intrigue into your offerings, or a level of trust in your brand.

Have a Purpose

Make sure your brand stays true to the original purpose, and what you stand for.What you attempt to change

Your ethos and values should be throughout your website, and it should be clear what you are attempting to change about your industry. This is how you can invite your customers to join you on this journey, which brings a sense of loyalty and togetherness.

Tell your brand’s story, and be sure there is a drive behind each strategical decision made, and help your customers support the cause you stand for. This is how brands generate real fans.

Live Your Brand

At the end of the day, if you don’t reinforce what your brand stands for, then no-one will.

This means you need to live and breathe your brand through everything you do. Whether it’s through copy, images, marketing campaigns, or otherwise. Your branding and tone of voice should be consistent across all platforms.

Even when you’re speaking to clients, giving speeches, or anything else, the story behind your brand should remain in your thoughts. If people can appreciate where you are coming from, then the word-of-mouth marketing from what you stand for can be very powerful.

If you’re looking to step up your online performance and boost your conversion rate, get in touch with the expert team here at Xanthos, to discuss how you can improve your ecommerce experience.