Benefits of Facebook Advertising for B2B Businesses

Reading Time: 4 mins

Facebook has long been the giant of the social media world, but it continues to grow in the advertising space, and is rapidly expanding into other areas. Which suggests, why aren’t B2B businesses making the most of Facebook?

While Facebook advertising may be seen as traditionally B2C, more and more B2B businesses are seeing great results from the platform. Facebook boasts over 1.41 billion monthly users, so you’re sure to have an audience.

So why exactly can Facebook advertising benefit your B2B business, and what features does it offer? We run through some of the key points below.

Advertise past your audience

While your Facebook page is useful for connecting with your followers, advertising lets you reach those outside of this limited audience.

You will be able to target many different prospects and audiences, without having a prior connection to them.

Whether you want your ads to appear in the newsfeed or on the side, you will be able to advertise your products or services directly to people you want to appeal to.

B2B category targeting

When it comes to targeting specific audiences, you can base this on age, gender, geography, and otherwise.

You can also target them based on the job title or a life event. This helps you reach out to specific prospects.

By targeting people based on their employer, job title, or the fact a life event of “new job” has occurred, this helps with B2B ad targeting.

Custom Audiences

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone within your database or email marketing list liked your Facebook page? Unfortunately, they don’t.

However, Facebook ads allows you to target your entire database. By creating a custom audience, you can target the email addresses within your database, which may be linked to their Facebook profiles.

This allows you to create a Facebook ad audience that is based solely on your database of existing customers or contacts.

Lookalike audiences

Maybe you’ve targeted a specific audience based on certain criteria and demographics, but want to find more people.

Facebook has a unique audience option, that finds people who have the most similar criteria to the ones who have converted on your website.

This can prove very useful, as without manually figuring out the ideal audience, Facebook is automatically finding an audience that is most likely to convert, based on existing data of people who have engaged with your brand, or converted on your website.

Retargeting campaigns

Facebook ads also let you retarget any lost customers.

Perhaps something had a look at your product or service, but doesn’t convert on your site. These are clearly warm leads. If they’re logged into Facebook, you can retarget them with ads.

By targeting visitors who visited specific URLs, it can produce a better ROI.

Engagement campaigns

Perhaps your product or service isn’t something that people will traditionally click-through to a buy a product there and then.

Instead of getting viewers of your ads to buy at that moment in time, why not tempt them to visit your site, and sign-up for something?

By creating an engagement campaign around a free download, you can generate leads you may otherwise not be able to get. This helps you grow your database, and continue marketing to them in the future.