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WordPress Development

The percentage of websites built using WordPress has rocketed from 34% at the start of 2020, to 43% in 2022, and a massive 64.3% market share of websites built using a CMS are built using WordPress.

W3Techs – Aug 2022
WordPress Development

Uncomplicated WordPress Development

We speak to many businesses who have had, or are having, a bad experience with their current developers. They have developed WordPress sites for them which are too complicated to use, and too hard to update. We don’t do that.

We develop sites that are as easy for you to update as it will be for any of us.

The sites we develop for you will always be built on the latest versions of WordPress, using the Exclaimer builder, and using a trusted selection of powerful plugins.

And if you need a unique requirement, we work with you to find the perfect solution for your need.

We have the experience

Advanced, fast, and secure

It’s one thing to develop a WordPress website, but we have the knowledge make sure it goes that extra mile. With Google using page speed metrics as a ranking factor for SEO, we make sure your site is optimised using techniques we have honed, in order to make sure it is as fast as possible. When developing your website, we will work with you in order to help and advise with elements you may wish to have on your site and the potential impact.

Your website will be hosted on the Google Could Platform; with media, CSS, JS and jQuery, optimised and on the Fastly CDN. This means you get a fast site. We also go further with great caching, pre-loading, and even the optimisation of resources to serve your website faster.

The security of your website is important to us. Nearly all WordPress hacks happen because of outdated versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins. We check and update all plugins on all our sites on a WEEKLY basis, and we do it out-of-hours to minimise any impact on you. If there is any issue with any plugin, we are set up to be notified IMMEDIATELY, and we will take IMMEDIATE action. Unbelievably over 49% of WordPress sites are not using WordPress 6 yet, with around only 20% using the very latest version, and nearly 11% using versions 4 and earlier. When WordPress itself is updated, we will update straight away, as that is the best way to make sure your website has the best chance at staying secure. And it’s the same with themes too. We take updating extremely seriously.

See our work

Some of the WordPress
sites we've built

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Sounds great...

But what does all this mean?

The WordPress sites we build will be:


We use the right tools for the right job. Over time, we have honed our list of tools to do exactly what we need it to do, with the leading CMS in WordPress.


All our sites work efficiently, and are navigable and easy to use on mobile and tablet devices.


We aim for a Time To First Byte sub-30ms, and pages fully loading within 2 seconds*. Many pages we can get to load as fast as 800ms.


All requests are made over https. We do not use default URLs for admin, and have active countermeasures in place. We make ensure all websites are updated on a weekly basis, and we act immediately on any critical updates or information.

Lead Generating

Our goal is to get you noticed, and get you results.

* tested on GTmetrix at point of go-live. Websites can, and do, change over time after launch, and speed results can vary. In addition, some elements and/or features may be requested which incur a knock-on effect for page speed, which will be detailed and explained to the client in advance. However, we will still use our knowledge to strive to hit our speed targets.