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Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management that delivers results requires a deep understanding of advertising strategies and bidding strategies to get the most for your money.
Many businesses get burned by PPC advertising by throwing more budget at ineffective campaigns hoping it will work, or simply applying auto-generated recommendations which often broaden your campaigns and spend more budget without the returns.
PPC advertising is a key source of sales and leads for many businesses. We work with clients where we believe we can add value to PPC performance to generate more revenue for your business. If PPC advertising would be a waste of your marketing budget, then we will tell you.
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PPC services help you reach your business ambitions

We place your business aims at the forefront of our proposed strategy and choose channels that will likely provide the best return on investment. Rather than focusing solely on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions, we look at the metrics that matter the most and what will drive business – the leads and sales.
Our PPC specialists look to improve the efficiency of your PPC account and improve the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns. We simply want to drive as many conversions as possible within your desired budget. And, to provide the best analysis and for you to get the best in class ad performance at a minimised cost, our specialist advertising tools help to pass on the value to our clients.
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Our PPC services

We offer PPC advertising services for all the major platforms, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Amazon. We employ a data-driven approach to deliver advertising campaigns which meet your business objectives.

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Why partner with Xanthos for PPC management?

Our PPC specialists are dedicated to generating leads and sales for your business. We optimise our PPC campaigns around the metrics which aid your business goals in coming to fruition. If we reach a cost-effective return on your ad spending, we won’t spend your budget for its sake. We aim to gradually scale your campaigns to achieve maximum efficiency and the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS).
You will have direct access to our PPC specialists to ensure you know what is happening and what is being done behind the scenes. We work across multiple paid media channels to ensure that we have the right solution for each client. This means we won’t recommend paid channels to any business that does not suit its goals.
Your goals are our goals. Whether you’re getting started with PPC, or are seeking a new approach to boost enquiries and ecommerce sales through your website, contact our PPC agency in Cambridge. We’re here to help!