Why Mobile Digital Marketing is Essential for Small Businesses

Reading Time: 5 mins

More and more consumers are interacting with the web on mobile devices, whether it’s making a purchase, looking for directions, searching for information, or otherwise. This gives businesses a massive opportunity to market products or services to a captive mobile market. And that’s why SMBs need to be looking into mobile marketing.

Mobile is no longer just an afterthought for even small businesses. It’s often now a focal point of marketing for any business.

Business owners realise that there is a big profit to be made from mobile users, as many competitors may not offer the best mobile experience for customers, or perhaps aren’t looking to market specifically to mobile users. This is often a mistake, and it’s a mistake you can make the most of to grow your business.

We’ve run through some of the essential parts of optimising your website and mobile marketing campaigns for a mobile market, in order to best interact with your audience.

Mobile marketing iphone for small business

Responsive design

You will need a mobile-responsive in order to best serve your customers on mobile devices.

If you aren’t catering to your mobile audience, you will lose customers.

Your website should be able to respond to any screen size – whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Modern and efficient web design

Any business with a bad web design that is difficult to use is guaranteed to lose customers.

Ensure your website is up-to-date with the latest trends that modern consumers are used to, and is ahead of your competitors.

You should aim to reduce the number of clicks it takes for someone to convert into a customer.

When it comes to mobile, a burger icon for the menu can be a great way to keep your menu navigation simple, elegant and easy to use, as it’s now commonplace across the web.

Also make sure your buttons are spaced well in order to ensure people don’t accidentally hit the wrong one with their fingers. It’s a different ball game to a mouse and keyboard.

Make mobile payment simple

Ecommerce has always steered a little further away from mobile devices, but that change is shifting as more people are comfortable shopping and buying on their phones.

You will need to optimise your website to take mobile payments, and ensure the payment process is as convenient as possible for those on mobile devices.

Implementing a one-page checkout and removing as many barriers is possible between landing on the home page or product page and checking out is essential to boost your conversion rate.

Make use of mobile-centric social platforms

While social media platforms are accessible on any device, some lend themselves more to a mobile market.

While Facebook is now dominant on mobile devices, there are still more niche networks that have a more mobile-centric audience. This includes Snapchat and Instagram, which can be great ways to build a social presence for users on mobile devices.

Paid advertising for mobiles

You could choose to advertise on social media. Instagram now offers paid ads, in a similar way to Facebook. This can ensure you are reaching a more specific audience that may be more suitable for what you are offering.

You could also target mobile users on other social networks, such as Facebook. By drilling down on interests, job titles, or location, you can find your target audience when they access Facebook on their mobile devices. This can prove very powerful when you’re looking to target mobile users.

As well as this, you can use Google AdWords to find people searching on mobiles. This is very effective for local businesses especially, as people on mobiles may be searching for specific businesses that are close to them at the current moment in time.

With time, more and more people will be accessing the web via mobile devices. And the functionalities that come with this will be even broader, giving businesses and marketers even more ways to interact with target audiences.

At the end of the day, having a high-quality website that’s optimised for mobile devices is at the heart of your mobile marketing strategy. But this isn’t enough, and you should be thinking exactly how you can bring the audience you want onto your website.