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Content marketing is no longer just a buzzword. Content remains king, and search engines love great content. Your website could be the best-looking website within your industry or niche, but without the content to attract customers or encourage them to convert, it will not perform as well. Content marketing takes many forms, with your content being the pillar effective marketing campaigns are built on. For instance, successful social media channels churn out content all the time. Email campaigns need content to get the attention of your audience. Your website needs good service or product page content to rank for relevant queries and provide a good landing page experience for paid advertising. And your business can benefit greatly from creating regular content tailored to your audience, whether in the form of blog posts, articles, downloads, videos, podcasts or otherwise.
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Content marketing process

Our content marketing services follow the process below to ensure you attract the right people to  your website.

Why invest in content marketing?

The benefits of content marketing

The main benefit of content marketing is that by producing the right content for your audience, you will be addressing their pain points, providing the information they need, and ultimately, the best customer experience possible. Content is there for the people who read it – it is up to us to write the right content which attracts the right people.

But there is also the SEO benefit; how often have you searched a particular question and found yourself reading an article on a brand’s website? If done well, the content will answer your initial query, and their brand should be somehow related. This helps build brand recognition, generate organic traffic, and attract potential customers.

Websites which produce fresh, useful content on a regular basis achieve better rankings in search results.  High-quality content will also attract backlinks from other websites, which in turn, benefits your SEO. If you can get links from well-known businesses or brands, then it can make a huge difference to your authority score, and helps you to rank higher for your target search terms.

Having good quality content also helps to improve your website’s overall performance. If potential customers aren’t finding the information they need on a page, they will hit the back button and go to a competitor’s website instead. If your content is of a high calibre, it should engage potential customers, which improves bounce rates, average time on page and conversion rates.

Content can also be used as collateral for other marketing channels or campaigns. If you have a particularly good whitepaper or other download, you could build your email marketing list by asking for users to subscribe to receive it. A blog post can be used in email campaigns, social media posts, or even be used as a landing page for online advertisements.