Instagram is ‘No Longer a Photo-sharing Platform’

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Last month, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced on his Instagram and Twitter pages that Instagram was no longer a photo-sharing platform but a general entertainment app.

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He explained that from recent customer research, ‘the main reason users used the platform was simply to be entertained.’ And this was one of the main reasons why in the coming months, the platform would lean further into the entertainment trend and focus on the building of new experiences through four primary areas – creators, video, shopping, and messaging.

We can all be sure that sooner or later, video content will impact the world of social media. From short 15-second video content on TikTok to long-form video content on YouTube, it was only a matter of time that this competitive trend would include Instagram. And, although it hasn’t officially launched yet, the head of Instagram did indicate some things that users should expect to see in the following months.

What about image posts?

Can you, or should you still post images on your feed? Short answer, yes, of course! Is that all you should do? Definitely, not! Although Instagram will focus more on video content, one thing is for sure; there is still a place for static imagery on the platform. Each type of content has its purpose, which may not align with gaining more followers, but will help nurture your current followers by providing informative content. Though it may be about video content right now, there are still other features Instagram has gone live with and is still adding to its platform that incorporates static imagery. This includes carousels which are also available with Instagram carousel advertising and Instagram’s newer feature, Instagram guides.

What does this change mean for your business?

First things first, there’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t yet introduced video content into your social strategy; however, truth be told, it may be time for your business to dip its foot into it now.

Like when Instagram first launched its version of TikTok reels, and the sole push was to this new feature, it seems that the platform will begin to push all other kinds of quality video content in the coming months, whether it’s short-form or long-form.

The great thing about Instagram pushing video content is the various video formats you could choose from for your business. From standard videos, reels to stories or IG live, you have the opportunity to add what will suit your business in your monthly social plan. As Instagram is

currently experimenting with video content and other such visuals — by providing recommendations especially on the explore page — if you’re producing quality video content, it could help increase the awareness of your business to your potential customers.

Key takeaways

When it comes to Instagram and any other social platform, new features are inevitable. So with all the changes that will come, one question stands. What can you do to help your business stay ahead? Well, here are my three key takeaways to help your business stay ahead of the curve.

1. Read, read and read some more.

There are numerous credible blog posts out on the web that will keep you up to date with all things new that’s coming to social media. Sign up, follow them and stay current.

2. Dip your toe and have a go

Choose a piece of video content, whether it’s IG Live, reels or stories and have a go at it. Think about your market, your audience and decide on what will be relevant to them.

3. Combine the content

Incorporate a varied content approach for your social strategy and add more video content to your feed. However, do not forget about your static imagery and carousels, as they are still valuable.

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