Facebook Introduces Responsive Ads with Multiple Text Optimisation

Reading Time: 2 mins

Facebook has introduced a new feature called Multiple Text Optimisation.

This is very similar in concept to the responsive ads which Google introduced to Google Ads.

What is Facebook’s Multiple Text Optimisation?

Multiple Text Optimisation allows advertisers to create multiple versions of ad elements, such as headlines, ad copy and the descriptions for ads with a single piece of media.

Facebook then dynamically serves up what it deems to be the best version of the ad to your audience, in order to deliver the best results.

What difference does it make to businesses?

This is yet another example of how machine learning is being used to optimise ad creatives to generate superior results.

Multiple Text Optimisation will test the combinations of different elements and see how your audience responds. This ultimately means you should see better results from your ads.

However, you will be sacrificing some level of final creative oversight. You will provide Facebook the elements of the ad, but won’t be able to finalise the exact end product. Though if you care that much, the current non-responsive Facebook ad formats are already fit for your purpose. Multiple Text Optimisation is simply another option out there that hopes to get the results you want.

It also allows brands to speed up the process by which you can test different forms of messaging.

For instance, you can see how different headlines or body texts perform, or which combinations perform.