Are Pinterest ads worth it?

Reading Time: 5 mins

There are a million and one social platforms that businesses can choose from that’ll help market themselves online.

And, of course, out of the many, most businesses only hear of or want to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn for promotion.

Whether it’s creating organic content to promote their business or paid ads, it goes without saying that many businesses stay put and use these well-known social platforms rather than branch out to others.

With the various social platforms available for businesses to use for promotion, sticking to only a handful before actively researching could leave you missing potential lead opportunities.

One social platform that seems to be on most businesses’ main wary list is Pinterest. While it may not be the first social channel, you decide to use, Pinterest has become increasingly utilised in the past years, especially for small businesses.

Suppose you have discussed your digital marketing strategy with your team and explored ways to increase your online awareness and gain new leads. In that case, Pinterest could potentially be the social platform for you.

Pinterest has become one of the most versatile, affordable and impactful tools for businesses, and in this post, we will explore why Pinterest and its ads may be worth using.

Now one thing that’s worth mentioning is the main misconception of Pinterest that only women in a specific age range are active users. This can be further from the truth. While many users are women, this has been slowly changing over the years.

Ad types available

What’s so great about Pinterest ads is that you have the choice of ad type. 

Once you publish your ad, it sits within organic posts on the feed. You could say it’s done so well that you may not even realise they are ads.

The choice of ad type will always depend on the circumstances and what you require; however, there are several types of ads that you can choose to benefit your given social strategy.

Alongside the standard promoted ads, carousels and videos (which are on other social media platforms in their own way), Pinterest ad types also include:

  • One tap Pins: Once a user taps on your pin, they will be taken to the website or page of your choice
  • Promoted App Pins: Users can download straight from the pin itself
  • Buyable Pins: Pins are tagged with information on where to buy whole outfits, not just one aspect. 
  • Story Pins: Only available for selected business accounts. Pins feature up to 20 pages of images, texts and links.

Targeting Ads

Pinterest ads allow you to target your audience through several methods, including demography, interests, keywords and more.

It also provides additional methods to define the audience you want to target through the different demographics. Here you would focus further on their gender, language, location and even devices.

There are up to 150 relevant keywords that promote targeting pins include; however, 25 keywords will be recommended for you to use to help achieve the best ad results.

A tip that would allow your ads to gain more visibility is to choose a mixture of relevant ads specific to your market and general to the topic.

What’s great about Pinterest is that the platform isn’t restrictive about keywords. You would be able to target more broad keywords for your ads.

As well as the access to choosing a vase variety of keywords, you can always select from over 5000 interests that you deem relevant to your ad.


While we didn’t cover content curation on the platform in all its entirety, implementing engaging and relevant content for your strategy has never come as easy as it is on Pinterest.

The platform provides simple access for businesses to search and share content relevant to their audience. Each post will send a notification to the original creator, which ideally will work as additional brand awareness.

And while we couldn’t possibly give all the pros and cons of using Pinterest, we hope this post gave you an overall idea of how great the platform could be for your digital marketing strategy.

While it will always depend on your own business and your audience, we can say that there are many businesses for which Pinterest is perfect that are not currently using it.

So we would recommend you genuinely take a look at your audience and see whether Pinterest is one platform that is right for you.

Whether you want to grow with paid ads or organically, Pinterest is the social platform that can offer your business to reach its consumer base.

If you want to grow your business awareness online but are unsure how to do it, get in touch with us about social media marketing and what social channels are best for you and your business.