12 Tools to Enhance Your Content Marketing Creation Efforts in 2014

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Content Marketing is a key component of any Digital Marketing Strategy these days, but coming up with original, engaging content can often lead to writer’s (or marketer’s) block.

So how do you make each post unique, and different from the last? What can you do to create content that your audience will engage with, and customers will find useful and entertaining?

To help with these efforts, we’ve put together a list of some of the best tools to enhance your Content Creation, and to boost variety in your Content Marketing efforts. Combining videos, infographics, images, blogs, and audio, results in an interesting and diverse Digital Marketing plan. –

Whether you want to use infographics to display statistics on your blog, or perhaps to share on Twitter or Pinterest, is one of the easiest ways to do so.

With a huge range of options and customisable infographics and charts at your disposal, you are able to create compelling visual content for any purpose. It’s easy enough to use, and generates graphics that look a lot better than traditional software such as Excel. Plus, no design experience is necessary.

Polldaddy –

Creating polls is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, alongside gaining the added bonus of collecting relevant data that could help you in the long run.

Polldaddy allows you to create polls or surveys that match your brand, with the ability to watch results as they filter in. You can make use of it through an app, a banner on your site, or by emailing the survey link out.

Wordle –

A neat little tool if you’re running low on ideas for blog post image ideas. All you need to do is stick a load of words that are relevant to whatever it is you are doing, and Wordle will create a collage without any input. Quick, easy, and pretty effective. To create the equivalent yourself would take a hefty portion of time; this takes seconds.


Audacity –

Thinking of mixing up your Content creation with some audio files? Perhaps the odd podcast? Then Audacity is a must-have tool, offering all the editing capabilities you could need for free.

The website may not look like much, but Audacity is a very powerful open-source tool.

PicMonkey –

If you’re not too much of a Photoshop pro, then Pic Monkey could be a tool right up your street. Allowing you to edit images incredibly simply, without even leaving your browser, could save you time and a lot of stress.


Canva –

Slideshows and presentations have undergone a revolution of late, mostly thanks to SlideShare, and the creativity seen on the website. But how do you stand out from the crowd on SlideShare when there are so many creative and talented editors out there?

Canva is a tool to help you out, allowing you to create striking and eye-capturing slides in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to be the most creative person on the planet to excel in creating great looking slides, and it looks far superior to anything you can find as default on PowerPoint.


Dafont –

Tired of the same old fonts? If you want to stand out with content that looks a little different, Dafont is the home of new and exciting fonts for any purpose.

Whether you’re wanting something to look highly professional and polished, or looking for a more “fun” font format for shareable content on Social Media, you’ll find something suited.


Word2CleanHTML –

Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, can often be problematic when copying text from anywhere else.

Want to import text from a Word document without any problems? That’s where Word2CleanHTML comes in. It strips the text of any formatting, allowing you to copy across text in peace.

Placeit –

Not one you’ll use very often, but a tool that could prove very effective when used correctly. Placeit creates an image displaying your company website on a tablet or smartphone.

This takes no photo editing knowledge whatsoever, and you don’t even have to attempt to create the right angle and sizing. All you have to do is input the URL of the website you want, and Placeit does the rest. Simple.

placeit (1)

Clicktotweet –

Clicktotweet is pretty self-explanatory; but it generates a link that when click, automatically turns your request into a tweet.

Great for creating content around quotes, and even better to increase sharing and engagement with any visitors to your page. As an idea, you could generate a list of inspiring quotes or tips related to your business, all linking to your company profile, and easily shareable with only a click.

Try it out by clicking here!

Animoto –

Video marketing is gaining a lot of momentum, and not enough companies are reaping the benefits that stylish, engaging videos can provide. If video creation is simply too expensive, complex, or time consuming for your business, then Animoto could come in handy.

Offering a range of packages, Animoto allows you to create videos with just a few images and a couple of clicks. With a huge range of pre-set transitions, styles, and music, it covers almost everything you could need.


Powtoon –

If you want to have a bit more fun with your Content Creation, then creating an animation with Powtoon could be for you.

With a load of animations, transitions, and images available, the videos created through Powtoon can be very engaging, and a little more amusing than normal. Whether you want to use animated characters or not, Powtoon allows you to swiftly conjure up a fun alternative to the traditional video format.

content marketing powtoon

Come across any other tools which have helped you create unique and captivating content? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about them.

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